Courses in DIET - B.Tech (CIVIL) - R16

CIVIL:I Year – I Semester

English - I


Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Mechanics

Computer Programming

Environmental Studies

English - Communication Skills Lab - I

Applied/Engineering Chemistry Lab

C Programming Lab

CIVIL:I Year – II Semester

English -II



Engineering Physics

Engineering Drawing

Applied / Engineering Physics Laboratory

English - Communication Skills Lab- II

Engineering /Applied/Physics - Virtual Labs – Assignments

Engineering Workshop & IT Workshop

Courses in DIET - B.Tech (CIVIL) - R13

CIVIL: I Year – I Semester

English – I

Mathematics - I

Engineering Physics – I

Engineering Chemistry I

C Programming

Mathematical Methods

Engineering Physics & Engineering

Chemistry Laboratory -I

Engineering Workshop (Carpentry, Fitting, House wiring )

C Programming Lab

English Proficiency Lab

CIVIL: I Year – II Semester

English – II

Mathematics – II

Engineering Physics – II

Engineering Chemistry-- II

Engineering Drawing

Environmental Studies

Engineering Physics & Engineering

Chemistry Laboratory -II

English - Communication Skills Lab

IT Workshop

CIVIL: II Year – I Semester

Mathematics – III

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mechanics of Materials

Construction Materials and Management


Fluid Mechanics

Computer aided Engineering Drawing


Strength of materials Lab

English communication Practice

Professional Ethics & Morals-I

CIVIL: II Year – II Semester

Probability & Statistics

Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis

Strength of Materials

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery

Engineering Geology

Structural Analysis - I

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab

Surveying Lab

English communication Practice

Professional Ethics & Morals-II

CIVIL: III Year – I Semester

Concrete Technology

Structural Analysis - II

Design & Drawing of Concrete Structures -I

Building Planning & Drawing

Water Resources Engineering -I

Transportation Engineering-I

Engineering Geology Lab

Concrete Technology Lab

IPR and Patents-1

CIVIL: III Year – II Semester

Design & Drawing of Concrete Structures -II

Design & Drawing of Steel Structures

Geotechnical Engineering -I

Water Resources Engineering–II

Water and Wastewater Engineering

Transportation Engineering-II

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab

IPR and Patents-2

CIVIL: IV Year – I Semester

Geotechnical Engineering-II

Design & Drawing of Irrigation Structures

Environmental Engineering

Remote Sensing and GIS Applications


  • Earthquake Resistant Design
  • Ground Improvement Techniques
  • Urban Transportation Planning

  • Air Pollution and Control
  • Disaster Management
  • Industrial Water & Waste Water Management
  • Architecture and Town Planning
  • GIS and CAD Lab

    Water and Wastewater Engineering Lab

    CIVIL: IV Year – II Semester

    Estimation, Specifications & Contracts


  • Advanced Structural Design
  • Ground Water Development and Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  • Water Shed Management
  • Finite Element Method
  • Pavement Analysis and Design

  • Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations
  • Advanced Structural Analysis
  • Water Resources System Planning and Management
  • Project Work