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Welcome to Dadi Institute of Engineering & Technology IEEE-STUDENT BRANCH

» AIM:

The DIET IEEE SB aims to empower all its members with the required technical skills to flourish in the industry and to keep the abreast of the latest technological developments.


To bridge the gap between the academia and the industry and to provide the industry with full fledged technocrats.


To enhance the students' technological perspective and to help every member to have a global view.

To grow through collective effort.

To create all round proffesionals, by various means like seminars, guest lectures, and pep talks.

To bring out the dormant dexterities in its members and to use them for the common good.

To enlighten its members about the skill set required by the industry and to take up activities to enrich them.

To take an active role in the various oppurtunities provided by IEEE to be a part of the global technological revolution.



  • Mr.K. Parikshit Sagar,IV EEE, has appled to IEEE AT&T Labs Enterprize Award along with M.S.Sekhara Prasanth,II ECE and V.Sateesh, III ECE for US$1500 for his project "Deep Rescue"
  • DIET IEEE Student Branch has appled for "Darral Chong Student Activity Award" of the activity "Do you Know who she is?" and "Do you Know who they are?"
  • DIET IEEE Student Branch won "Out Standing Student Branch Award" at IEEE Hyderabad Section Level
  • DIET IEEE Student Branch won "Vibrant Student Branch Award" at IEEE R-10 Levelalong with SNIST IEEE Student Branch for IEEE Hyderabad Section
  • Mr.K. Parikshit Sagar,IV EEE, partcipated in the IEEE 125 year R-10 Student Congress held at Singapore during July 16-19, 2009
  • At IEEE 125 year R-10 Student Congress held at Singapore during July 16-19, Mr.K. Parikshit Sagar,IV EEE presented a project entitled "Deep Rescue" was short listed under the Humanitarian Challnge Hour.